About Pearl

You can imagine my delight when one day I shucked open an oyster shell and found my hidden pearl.

As a marketing professional, the beautiful symbolism of this pearl became immediately apparent to me: with the sea of noise generated in today's Information Age, businesses must adopt innovative techniques to have their brand message heard. Inspired to help businesses communicate their unique story and brand value, Pearl Marketing was born.

Pearl Marketing is a New Hampshire based relationship marketing and consulting company that specializes in educational services, digital strategies, and design. Pearl’s team of marketing experts work closely with our clients to achieve a better return on their marketing investments by customizing strategies which effectively communicate the unique personality and value of a business brand or product, engage the target audience, and generate new revenue opportunities.

What truly sets Pearl Marketing apart from other marketing companies is how we educate our clients about marketing strategies and tools through consulting, one-on-one coaching, trainings, and seminars. Our goal is to teach key personnel in a business how to best represent the brand and engage with existing and potential customers. At the heart of this educational service is Pearl Marketing Academy, which provides business professionals with a variety of online and in-person courses that offer a comprehensive education and training experience. These courses focus primarily on marketing fundamentals, lead generation, and brand management.

Learn how to bring your brand to life and unlock its full potential with Pearl Marketing!