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How To Use Facebook Data To Your Advantage

Facebook and its data sharing has been one the most talked about stories of the year. Americans are now becoming even more aware of the immense amount of personal data that is collected on them, and shared, daily. Pearl Marketing and Design has known this for years, and although we remain mildly concerned about our own personal information floating out there in cyber space, the tools that Facebook and Google provide helps to fuel the success of our business and our clients. To provide you with a better understanding of how this can work for your business, we will start by explaining a few facts about Facebook and Google’s data collection:

How does Facebook collect data?

  1. Actions and behaviors, aka your interactions (likes, comments, links, clicks, and saved content).
  2. Profile information, including content uploaded to your page.
  3. Digital footprint on mobile devices (i.e. location, contacts).
  4. IP addresses, operating systems, browser types, etc. on laptops or desktop computers.
  5. Through partners (i.e. companies that sell data) and cookies on your operating system.

How does Google collect data?

  1. Keywords that you are using to search for specific content.
  2. Websites you are visiting and the videos you are watching (YouTube is owned by Google).
  3. Ads you click on and keywords you searched for to find that advertisement.
  4. Your location, device information, IP address and cookie data within your browser history


Why is collecting data important?

  1. Allows businesses to make data-driven decisions instead of acting on intuition. A lot of different companies collect your personal data (especially social media sites). Often they’ll use that data to provide you with personalized suggestions to keep you engaged. Facebook for example uses your personal information to suggest content you might like to see based on what other people similar to you like.
  2. Transactional data is incredibly important for businesses because it helps them to analyze variability in consumer trends, uncover hidden patterns, and identify correlations. This information provides insight into consumer behaviors that can then be used for decision making, strategies, and competitive advantages.
  3. Web data is important because it’s one of the major ways businesses can access information that isn’t generated by themselves. When creating business models and making important business decisions, companies need information on what is happening internally and externally within their organization and what is happening in the wider market.
  4. Sensor data is produced by objects and is often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). It covers everything from your smartwatch measuring your heart rate to a building with external sensors that measure the weather. The power of this data is its real time reporting and geolocating capabilities.

Who uses your data?

Personal data is aggregated (to privatize it somewhat) and thensold to other companies, mostly for advertising purposes. That’s one of the ways you get targeted ads and content from companies you’ve never even heard of.

What are these data “tools” we are talking about?

  1. Pretty much every website and social media site you visit collects transactional data of some kind, either through Google Analytics, another 3rd party system or their own internal data capture system. Our company subscribes to several tools that retrieve this data.
  2. Cookies are placed on your computer and track your search history.
  3. Surveys, focus groups, and interviews are tools and ways to collect data as well.

How can I use these tools to my advantage?

Data can be used to monitor competitors, understand consumer behaviors, track potential customers, keep track of channel partners, generate leads, build apps, and much more. Considering the immense amount of activity occurring online each day, there is no better way to make informed decisions for your business. It is no coincidence that today’s most successful businesses utilize online data to expand their influence and grow their enterprises.

Pearl Marketing Design

How can Pearl Marketing help?

Pearl Marketing & Design utilizes data collection and analytics to provide our clients with consumer behaviors and trends. This information can be used to make informed decisions on business strategies and brand positioning. Call us today at 603.732.9070 to schedule a consultation on how to best utilize data services to benefit your business.

How to Create the Best Marketing Video For Your Brand

In last month’s newsletter we discussed how your brand’s identity shapes how consumers feel about and interact with your business. This month we offer additional tips to increase brand identity by creating a marketing video to use in social marketing, digital advertising, on your website or in blog posts. Video marketing is great way to increase brand awareness and give more personality to your products and services.

At Pearl Marketing & Design we help create a marketing video for your company so you can add exceptional digital content as part of your overall marketing mix.

When you’re ready, reach out to us, and the team at Pearl Marketing & Design will help you make your ideas and concepts a reality on the web. I look forward to talking to you.

Amanda Schneck

Amanda Schneck
Owner – Pearl Marketing & Design, LLC
Let us help you unlock your brand’s potential

How to create the best video:


  1. The subject of your video must be VERY specific
    If your company wants to increase brand awareness about your new t-shirts be sure your video is targeting your exact demographic such as baby boomers and how your t-shirts will benefit them.
  2. Outline your topic and create dialogue before you start filming
    Are you going to have one or two people in the video? If so, be sure they have a script to work from. Act the scene severals times before adding the video camera
  3. Bring your brand’s personality to life
    Be energetic and enthusiastic during the filming. Show your brand’s personality whether you are a law office or an athletic brand your voice and word choices can help customers determine if you are right for them.


  4. Explain
    Don’t forget to explain clearly what your brand or product is. Don’t assume everyone knows exactly who or what you are. Don’t use jargon or phrases that only particular generations understand.
  5. Always have a Call To Action
    Your call to action or CTA should be very clear at the beginning and end of your video. If you are using a new url or landing page make sure it works before going live with your video.


  6. When you upload to YouTube use keywords in  titles and description.
    Always upload your video to YouTube and be sure to include links to your CTA landing page or website. 

Pearl Marketing & Design can help you complete all six steps to success to create the best video for your business.

Contact us today to learn more!

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