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The key question for today’s business is no longer “are you online?” but “how do you conduct business online?”

Brand marketing is rapidly changing with advances in information technology. The driver of this change is consumer behaviors. For example, American’s spend, on average, 162 minutes per day on their mobile phone. Furthermore, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google each day, with 85% of consumers using the Internet to find businesses (Yelp). Yet only 6% of businesses have mobile-friendly websites and 45% do not have a website at all! Do you think there are a lot of missing opportunities for these businesses?

As information technology continues to rapidly evolve, a business’ marketing effort must evolve with it. In our “new market economy” (Marketing Trends of 2016) a business must be able to reach beyond the physical space to interact with existing and potential customers online. A business must be able to express, and manage, an online personality, with every online interaction leaving a brand impression. If your business does not excel at engaging consumers online, then it is at risk for losing customers to competitors that do, and is most certainly limiting potential opportunities and growth.



Marketing Audits

At Pearl Marketing & Design, we excel in maximizing brand impressions by utilizing marketing expertise and a disciplined process. We understand that the effectiveness of your marketing effort is dependent upon the intellectual, time, and financial capacity of your business. We conduct marketing audits that analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s brand and marketing strategy and provide specific recommendations to boost the company’s brand.


Overview of a Marketing Audit

Our marketing audit addresses, but is not limited to, the following:

Brand Overview – identify the unique value of your business, define your brand, and assess whether your marketing and messaging is effectively representing your goals and intentions.
Target Market – define your existing and ideal customers and their behaviors.
Competition – identify and analyze your competition and their brand strategy.
Goals & Objectives – brand position today and in the future, strategy and process used to achieve your objectives.
Messaging – what story you are telling versus what you intend to tell and how and where you are telling that story.
Attracting and Tracking – how you are attracting interest in your company, capturing leads, and tracking effectiveness.
Process – a clear strategy with a consistent process to maximize resources.


Why Conduct An Audit?

As firms grow and expand, it’s common to see marketing efforts become scattered and lose effectiveness. Pearl Marketing & Design’s marketing audit provides an objective assessment of a company’s marketing strategy.

Our graph here represents a comprehensive brand strategy. If your business is hitting on all of these components, then we congratulate you on your sea of success. But let’s be realistic. If you are not a Fortune 500 company with unlimited resources and a 500+ person marketing department, then you unlikely to have the resources for such a comprehensive brand strategy.

Pearl Marketing & Design understands this because, we too, are not a Fortune 500 company. And we typically work with companies that are “slightly” smaller. We design custom brand strategies aimed at helping companies achieve their goals within a budget. We understand that the more areas in this graph that YOU and PEARL do well, the greater chance you are leaving impactful brand impressions with your target audiences.


Marketing Audits Done Right

What Are Marketing Audits?
Marketing audits are customized assessments conducted by marketing experts on the suitability and effectiveness of a company’s brand strategy. Pearl Marketing’s audit report provides a comprehensive overview of how the company’s current marketing strategy aligns with its business goals and objectives and outlines recommendations on a custom designed plan and best practices.

They Are Objective
Marketing audits executed by Pearl Marketing provide a fresh, objective, and experienced opinion on a company’s marketing strategy. Our independent and expert marketing advice will not only save your company wasted dollars on ineffective marketing investments, but also provide you with a cost effective and flexible marketing strategy that continually adapts to your current business goals and resources.

They Are Informative
Pearl’s comprehensive audit report provides a company with personalized data and information regarding the company’s brand messaging, strategy, and return on investment. We analyze your company’s marketing strengths and identify areas of opportunity in reaching your target audience. The audit will also provide you with a detailed action plan that will focus on ways to help your company drive more leads.


They Are Organized
Pearl follows a thorough process of analysis, first understanding your company’s unique value, your intended brand message, and your business goals and objectives. Our audit report contains action-oriented marketing recommendations on steps that your company should take to help achieve its marketing goals. The audit will address both short-term and long-term objectives for your company to follow.

They Are Frequent
Marketing audits should be carried out regularly, not just when there are some problems, in order to minimize costs and maximize opportunities. A marketing audit also serves as a risk prevention tool for any organization, ensuring that its brand message and shared content aligns with the company’s mission. Audits done right will allow a company to market proactively rather than reactively.

They Are Beneficial
Companies who perform marketing audits show an improved rate of return on their marketing dollars spent. Successful audits will help save on ineffective costs, sharpen a company’s brand messaging, and provide additional revenue opportunities from potential and existing customers. Marketing audits recharge your company’s branding campaigns by inspiring new strategies and directions in which to grow your business.