Represent the personality of your brand with creative logo, website and multi-media design.

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics associated to a brand. A brand’s identity and behavior can shape how consumers feel about and interact with a business. A business knows it has successfully represented its brand in its creative presentation when consumers are able to accurately identify and describe the company.


Logo Design

What does your logo say about your company? A logo is the graphic symbol that represents a person, company or organization. A logo is the first impression and lasting identification of a business for consumers. So yes, it’s quite important.

Pearl Marketing & Design’s professional graphic designers live in the creative part of the human brain. We design new logos from concept and transform existing logos with a splash of expression that can give your brand a needed facelift.


Website Design

Is your website interactive? Consumers perform more than two-thirds of their decision-making research online before they even contact a business. A website is the gateway to a business. It is the most effective and dynamic medium for a business to inform consumers about who they are, what they do, and where to find them (both physically and virtually). On average, it takes as little as five seconds for a consumer to decide whether or not a specific company can meet his/her needs.

But here’s a little secret-If you develop and maintain a website that not only attracts, but engages, with your consumers, you will make into loyal customers. Your online brand can be quite important when trying to grow a company. Pearl Marketing & Design assigns a project team for every website we develop and manage. We find it helps to get multiple perspectives when “programming” your website for success.


Mobile Websites

Do you have a “mobile friendly” website? If your website is not easily readable and functional on a mobile device, then sorry your website is not mobile friendly. The number of global mobile users now outnumbers desktop users. The average American spends 162 minutes on their mobile device every day. Furthermore, Google recently made a change to its search algorithms which factor in a website’s “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal – meaning that those sites which are not optimized for smartphones’ smaller screens will see their ranks downgraded as a result.

Pearl Marketing & Design will be your friend, and we will design you a mobile friendly website. But it doesn’t stop there. Do you want to know why Americans spend 162 minutes on their mobile phone? They love phone apps. Do you want a mobile website for your business?



Is your pen mightier than your sword? We cannot understate the importance of clear and effective brand messaging. We are now living in an age of rapid communication, so rapid that social media makes real-time events and comments public immediately. A business can benefit greatly from controlling its message and protecting its brand reputation. A business is also constantly at risk for potential negative customer experiences becoming public.

Pearl Marketing & Design employs creative minds with mighty pens. Consider us your confidantes in crafting powerful messages that truly represent your brand. Our project work ranges from website copywriting and editing a newsletter or blog, to social media and blog content writing and campaign management. Yes, we have done work on political campaigns, but we are bi-partisan with all of our clients.


Identity Packages

How do you gain attention for your brand? Ever heard a person say their business makes money because customers buy their products. They were wrong. Customers buy their service, as every interaction leaves an impression. The more friendly you can become with your customers, the stronger the brand relationship and the more loyal they will become. But don’t underestimate the influence that a sincere “thank you” can have on a customer. You know you’ve gained the attention of your customers when your logo makes it on the refrigerator magnet and you are discussed with their friends.

Pearl Marketing and Design will help you leave an impression with your target audience. We design letterhead for those of you who send paper (thank you notes via “snail mail” go a long way) and business cards for those sharing their contact information (we create v-cards too). We design and write marketing collateral such as flyers, product sheets, catalogs, banners and packaging. We also advise on custom product marketing ideas and options.