Marketing campaigns are essential for not only expanding your brand’s virtual presence on the Internet, but they are instrumental in collecting information on consumers interest in your brand. We call this the digital footprint. Read about our services below to gain a better understanding of why this is critical to your business.

Digital technology is constantly changing your customers’ behavior. In the early 2000s, your business was a step ahead of your competitors if you had a website. Today, it is not only assumed that your business already has a website, but consumers want to connect with your brand via other online mediums. To emphasize how important is for a business to expand their digital footprint, we highlight three trends that you should know:

1) Buyers perform more than two-thirds of their decision-making research online before they even contact a business.
2) The average American spends 162 minutes per day on their mobile device.
3) Cisco predicts that by 2019, online video will account for 80% of the world’s Internet traffic.

If you are not captivating customers through digital channels, you can be sure that your local and online competitors are. Pearl Marketing & Design will work with you to not only create a noticeable first impression with customers, but a memorable last impression.


Social Media

Are you socializing with your customers? Did you read where we mentioned that Americans spend an average of 162 minutes on their mobile device every day? And do you know what they spend 60%+ of their time on? Mobile applications, with social media companies controlling the majority of that 97 minutes. Knowing these trends, it should make you question whether you are missing out on potential revenue opportunities. We all should be questioning this in our business.

But who has the time? Pearl Marketing & Design will assign a Campaign Manager to be your social media representative and brand advocate. Your Campaign Manager will serve as your “Press Secretary”, turning your ideas and messages into valuable content. Remember, there are opportunities and risks at every moment in the digital age. The better you control the message about your brand, the more highly your brand will be valued by your consumers.


Email Marketing

Are you tired of all those emails? My friend wanted to share an article with me, so forwarded his email to me. And later on he texted me a link to a website where I could read more about it. Well that pretty much sums up email marketing. Of course, getting someone to read your email when they don’t even know you or your business, is quite a challenge. The average working American gets over 40 emails daily. Multiply that number by three (120 emails) for the average business owner. So why waste your time with email marketing? Because it places another digital footprint of your brand. Furthermore, research shows that once a consumer buys from you that they are more likely to buy from you again if they receive your emails. Now you know why the person at the cash register was asking for your email.

But again, who has the time. Your Pearl Marketing & Design Campaign Manager does. We will create an attractive email template for your business and program in content and links that keep your readers reading and interacting with your brand. Now you can direct your resources to other areas of your business.


Video Marketing

You should be a reality star? Nothing shows your personality better than a video! It captures moments that even you weren’t aware of when filming. American consumers are showing an insatiable appetite for video content. Cisco predicts that by 2019, online video will account for 80% of the world’s Internet traffic! And did you know that YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine (bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask & AOL combined)? Ok, so maybe you don’t dream of becoming a YouTube sensation, and perhaps for you that’s a good thing J But if there are people that rather watch, than read, the content you are giving them, then give it to them!

Pearl Marketing & Design has partnered with Video Marketing Solutions of New England for all of our video production. Does this mean we will have a camera crew following you around? Well only if you want us to. Our video team will work with you, and your Campaign Manager, to create video content that expresses the personality of you and your brand. We have the most current technologies (yes we have a drone) and software to record, edit, and create just about anything you would like. We will even edit self-made videos and help send it out across the Internet. Don’t worry about what you send. We have seen some frightening videos 🙂 But you will always be a star to us.


Search Engine Optimization

Where do you rank on Google? Imagine you are sipping your morning coffee in delight as you see that your company has made page one in your Google search. Finally! It has taken you two years to get there! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-time project; it is a continuous process. Despite the emergence from other online marketing channels like social media, SEO remains critical in driving traffic to your website and customers to your business. Over 50% of online visitors will find your website via a search engine (Google or Bing). In order to protect consumers from deceptive practices, Google is constantly changing their search algorithms. So how do you climb in the Google rankings?

Pearl Marketing & Design has designed a proprietary model for improving our clients SEO. One thing you must understand is that you cannot improve your SEO without 1) regularly updating your website; 2) submitting new content daily or at a minimum weekly; 3) having a diversified online presence. Our Campaign Manager will work with you, and our project teams, to achieve our shared goal of finding your website on page one of Google.


Click Conversions

How many potential buyers are you losing? If expanding your digital footprint symbolizes casting a wide net, think of click conversions as reeling in customers one-at-a-time. But to get biting consumers you need good bait (ie. content) and you need to know where to fish. Pay Per Click (PPC) and Landing Pages are two effective, yet distinctively different, click conversion tools. If you’ve been on the internet then you are familiar with PPC; they are the advertisements and sponsored links you find on the top page of Google and on Facebook. PPC can be costly, but you can limit your PPC expense by setting strict budget criteria. Landing pages, on the other hand, do not charge a per click fee, and are a campaign management must have. They allow you to customize content to consumers while also capturing their personal data (ie. enter your email address to receive our newsletter).

Pearl Marketing & Design’s primary goal for our clients is to attract consumers and turn them into paying customers. We are always looking to maximize our client’s return on investment (ROI). What’s great about click campaigns is they are measurable. We can track conversion rates in real-time and even compare click data with your sales pipeline to give you your dollar-for-dollar return.