Eight Tips for your Business’ Social Media

Eight Tips for your Business’ Social Media

Maintaining an active social media presence can be useful for your business.  It draws in interest, solidifies your brand, and serves as a forum to connect with your audience. Cultivating a unique illustration of your business on social media can be tricky, and it often requires a bit of work.

With these tips however, you can turn your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter business account into a hub of activity for your company.  

1).  Use your logo and company name whenever possible.

Name recognition is essential for your brand to “stick” in your audience’s memory. You can easily put your logo or company name into empty space on your graphics for clear labeling. Utilizing your company name as well as “we phrases” in the text of your post can add a personal touch to your social media presence.

2).  Don’t go too heavy on the text!

Moderation is key! If you have a paragraph-sized message in the body of your post, opt for a graphic which is light on wording.  When a long message is paired with a crowded graphic, they often draw attention away from each other, thereby decreasing the effectiveness of the post.  If the graphic must be text-heavy (which again, use sparingly!), keep the post light and easy to digest.

3).  Use colors from your style guide.

What are the colors of your logo and packaging?  Keeping similar hues throughout your social media graphics, whether in the font or the background, creates uniformity which much of your audience may find satisfying.  Standardized colors offer a clean, polished quality to your social media presence. Potential clients and customers will see that you have a measured investment in your public persona.

4).  Vary your images.

Your audience will notice if you use the same images repeatedly in your graphics, and it may decrease their interest in the content that your account offers.  We recommend using a blend of stock photos and original pictures throughout your social media to maintain variety. Try to take new photos of your products, employees, or company every 1-2 months for fresh content.


5).  Hashtag the industry, not the product. 

This step is key.  Think of a hashtag as a key that unlocks a door to a forum.  On a social media platform, if you were to tap on #sailing, you would immediately have access to a stream of posts related to sailing.  When you hashtag the industry of your product in your social media, you are pitching your product and your brand in an online forum of potential clients and customers, without even paying for an ad!  Hashtags help you hone in on your target market, so use them wisely; a hash-tagged product, unless already popular, is simply a key to an empty room.



6).  Utilize calls to action. 

With so much stimulation online, the virtual audience tends to have a short attention span.  Prolong the interest of your crowd with a call to action, whether it be a telephone number or a link to your website.  Use active tense and strong commands such as “read more,” “follow us” and “visit here.” Piquing their curiosity, even if they do not immediately follow up on the call to action, will keep your brand lingering in their minds.



7).  Build your graphics. 

While single images are perfunctory, utilizing Photoshop or a website such as Canva, which offers free templates, will give your graphics a polished finish.  Templates allow you to use multiple images, add text, and reinforce your style guide with different colored backgrounds! A little goes a long way to make appealing designs for your audience.



8).  Contrast darks with bright colors! 

This tip extends past black text on a white background and vice versa.  Place black and white photos against a colorful frame, and frame your colorful pictures with black and white!  The eye is immediately drawn to contrast, and strong variance will strengthen your graphics. Be advised to use color sparingly; colorful text can go on a white background, but rarely transmit well against a black background.  A colorful background can host either white or black text, but lean towards the opposite color for the intensity of the background (black if the background is pale, and white if the background is dark). Never mix colorful text with a colorful background.



If you are interested in more of these design tips, you can reach out to us at [email protected]  We are currently filming some helpful video tutorials inspired by our services and we can certainly add these tips to our next one.  Stay safe!

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