Why You Should Hire a Web Designer

Why You Should Hire a Web Designer

As website builder brands proliferate across the Internet, the margin between websites and good websites continues to increase.  

We all know what a “sketchy” site looks like; either too much blank space or not enough blank space, weak fonts, little to no navigation, and subpar formatting.   We’re hoping that none of your customers have ever had that thought about your website!


While building your own website for free may seem like an upfront, cost-effective strategy, you may want to consider adding professional web design into your budget.  Your website is the canvas of your brand, the medium for your online purchases, and very often is the first exposure which your audience has to you as a seller. You want to make the best first impression possible.  From our experience, we can tell you that a professionally-designed website yields significant return on investment, or ROI as it’s commonly abbreviated.  

An Internet audience is visual.  If your potential customers are not impressed with the composition of your homepage or landing pages, they can find another website offering similar products or services to yours, thanks to the effectiveness of search engines such as Google.  


By placing your site in the hands of a capable web designer, you can focus on the other aspects of your marketing, like email campaigns, social media, or your CRM.  

Websites require lines upon lines of coding, typically HTML.  Free website builders which simplify coding for amateur bloggers usually employ rigid templates and limited font options, which often leaves these free websites looking drab and uninspired.  



Besides the aesthetics of your site, here are a few more reasons to consider hiring a web designer: 

Better Navigation. Every business is unique.The top bar drop-down navigation may seem the most concise to implement, but a web designer may be able to provide you with another option.

Stronger Site.  Coding every page is time-intensive, and hyperlinks can break very easily. By hiring a web designer, you can mitigate these breaks for a stronger web presence.   

Shopping Cart Feature.  You want your customers to be able to buy directly from your site, now more than ever.  Your web designer can integrate PayPal into your site to facilitate transactions. 

More Analytics.  With tracking links on your site pages, you can use Google Analytics to determine how often visitors complete transactions or bounce from your website. 

Bolder Brand.  It’s all about a unique look.  A web designer can take your logo, color palette, whatever essence you have of a brand, and transform it into a website that looks professional and will be retained in the memory of your potential customers.  

Cleaner Design.  A website that looks too busy will not draw customers into your intended path flow for them.  Web designers are knowledgeable and practiced in designs which are visually appealing and conducive for online shopping.   

Varied Font Choices.   Fonts that are too small or bland are not visually enticing.  A web designer can code more font selections than the average automated web builder, so you can use a stronger style for your content.  

Additional Agency Services.  Many web designers work within marketing agencies such as ours!  When you partner with an agency, you have access to a plethora of other services, such as a CRM to help manage clients, copywriting and content editing, as well as social media and video marketing.  Plus you have an associate you can rely on for expert marketing advice! 



Our Pearl web designer is Culver Lau.  He works as the lead project manager for client websites, and is our go-to for all matters web design-related. Culver is a talented web designer that strongly believes in creating human-centric websites. With a background in human behavior and user-interaction research, Culver delivers websites based on results-oriented methodologies.

 As a developer, he has extensive experience working with a variety of platforms including HTML, CSS & SASS, Javascript (including frameworks), PHP and WordPress, amongst others. With a strong eye for visual aesthetics, Culver has additional experience in graphics, photography and videography. 

Partner with us for your website!  Contact us today at 

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