Content Marketing Trends of 2015 – Free White Paper

Today companies are looking to find new and innovative ways of connecting with their target audience and existing clients. We put together a white paper that discusses the content marketing trends of 2015 and the ways that companies can implement these trends into their marketing goals.

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Landing Pages… Ways to improve your visability

Landing pages are a great way to drive traffic to your website. I am currently working with several companies throughout New England to establish landing pages. There are times where my business clients ask me “Do landing pages really work and how do we drive visitors to my website?” The attached article discusses some great […]

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White Paper – Increasing Conversion Rates

Do you want to learn more about increasing your conversion rates and driving customers to your website? We put together a white paper that discusses how you can improve these rates. Each business is unique so this white paper is a general guideline for all businesses. Please call us to learn how your company can […]

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Mobile websites increase your Google ranking

There are times that we are asked about mobile websites and whether we feel they are necessary.  Our answer is always yes.  Mobile websites provide an easier way for customers to view your website on a phone browser.   The article below discusses how Google will now rank your business website, based on whether you […]

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Which social media platform should we be using?

From time to time we are asked the question, “Which social media platforms should we be using?” This article from Business New Daily written by Brittney Helmrich is a great step towards figuring out what is right for you. At Pearl Marketing we can provide you with our recommendations based on your industry. Contact us […]

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Want to learn 5 ways of increasing your ROI?

At Pearl Marketing & Design, we have studied various marketing methods that companies use to increase ROI.  Reach out to us to learn the top 5 simple ways to increase your ROI.  Visit us at to learn more.

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