The Necessity of CRM Software

The Necessity of CRM Software


Imagine that you had a virtual assistant who could track email efficiency, lead status, and instantly add information to lists, with algorithm-precision.  An assistant to replace your Excel spreadsheets and hours of typing emails by hand.  We’re glad to inform you that your business can have one of these assistants tomorrow by contacting us for a CRM license.

The world is becoming more digitized with every passing day.  Microsoft Excel is a great tool, but it is nearing its 40th birthday.    There are better marketing tools for the 21st century business.  

CRM is a type of software used to improve efficiency, increase customer retention, gain greater customer satisfaction, increase sales productivity, and yield better forecasting and reports.  Many CRM models are cloud-based, which means they can be accessed from any device for mobile, easily accessible marketing and sales support.   

Here are ten marketing techniques which Pearl Marketing’s CRM would allow you to do:

  1. Create media links.  You can upload flyers, data sheets, and other supplementary information files and make them accessible with the tap of a button.  The links are trackable so that you know exactly how many people are perusing your material.
  2. Upload Excel sheets into lists of leads.  Copying lead information out by hand is tedious.  Using a couple key steps to properly convert the information, you can upload many spreadsheets in a much shorter amount of time.
  3. Create lists from forms.  Organization is essential to strong marketing.  With the ability to segment your customers into lists based on product, event, or priority, you won’t lose track of your leads.
  4. Automate email campaigns. Not only can you create emails with ease, but you can take your clients through a series of emails without needing to helicopter each step.
  5. Track email effectiveness.  Want to know how often your emails get opened? Our CRM gives you insights on how your audience responds to your campaigns.
  6. Personalize each lead’s profile page.  You can add notes for each of your leads, record contact information, as well as track their progress.
  7. Create landing pages.  Landing pages are the ideal platform to collect leads via form completion.  Our CRM offers eye-catching templates to make your landing pages look polished and put-together.
  8. Host leads, prospects, and clients in a virtual video conference.  No need to bother with other cumbersome video services.  Our CRM offers easy, join-with-link, video conferencing with no need of a license or login.
  9. Set up retargeting ads.  Retargeting ads are ideal for potential customers who visit your site and click away before investing in your brand.  Garner more revenue with the help of our CRM.
  10. Configure chatbots for your website.  Want to know exactly what brings your visitors to your site? Our CRM allows you to create an automated question and response chatbot that you can place on any page of your website.


In your 40-hour work week, how often do you find yourself working overtime due to hours spent with administrative tasks?

A CRM can cut those hours for you, freeing more time for you to invest in strategizing new initiatives or decompressing from your talks with clients.  This software collects data on every lead which you place into the system and every campaign you send out.   Adapting your marketing strategy as the economic climate changes comes with fewer hassles thanks to the insights from a CRM.


Easy and effortless marketing at your fingertips.  For more information, please send your questions to [email protected]


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