New Hampshire National Guard

NH's Citizen Soldiers and Airmen


The New Hampshire National Guard oversees the rescue of lost or injured hikers in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and the state’s response to natural disasters – such as flood damage in Alstead and hurricane damage in Louisiana.

As the military services and the National Guard undergo a transformation to best meet the challenges of a changing world, new concepts such as modular forces and brigade combat teams are replacing traditional unit structures. Today, following the footsteps of their forebears, the men and women of the New Hampshire National Guard proudly serve, bringing to a close one chapter of our story while empty pages await the writing of another.


Brand Strengthening 


New Hampshire National Guard

What We Did

Video Marketing and Branding

The Challenge

“We wanted to help the National Guard promote its benefits.”

Amanda SchneckPresident, Pearl Marketing

The NH National Guard had no videos and wanted to develop a stronger marketing strategy.

The NH National Guard was seeking possible partnerships for a marketing analysis project.  

They wanted experts who could provide marketing assessment on how to best educate their stakeholders on the mission of the NHARNG and the wide range of opportunities within the organization.   The Guard expressed their desire for an agency to also provide assessment on how to create age-related and diverse messages to recruit a wide range of future leaders into their  ranks.  

The Solution

 We collaborated with them on the #MyGuardStory campaign. 

Pearl has began producing a series of videos for the NH National Guard to bring awareness of the plethora of opportunities which the organization provides to NH citizens.  Pearl also conducted a brand audit to review the relative success of the Guard’s previous marketing efforts. 

The Outcome

NH Guard has noted positive feedback from their #MyGuardStory campaign.

Pearl maintains a consulting relationship with the Guard.  

Pearl Marketing continues to develop videos with the National Guard to highlight their wide range of opportunities.  They are currently collaborating on a project titled 1st Step to educate potential new enlistees on the pre-training program.  


Campaign Reach


Increase in Website Visits


Growth in Brand Awareness